Declaration Of Interdependence

“Chance favors the connected mind.” This is the premise of a great book (and TED talk, if you prefer) by Steven Johnson, in “Where Good Ideas Come From.” Johnson invokes an important, and perhaps forgotten, part of our country’s history. In fact, he takes us back to the “idea” of America. A revolutionary idea that arguably changed the world more radically than any other time in history. And to what do we attribute this idea? In short, being connected. The flowering of ideas, and the hope for an unfettered pursuit of those ideas, didn’t come from social media, blogs, or a progressive government. The Age of Enlightenment was an age marked by REAL connections. As in, actually talking.. with other humans… about very cool stuff. It was coffee houses that had, in fact, become the center of innovation.

Today’s coffee houses aren’t quite what they were back then. In fact, today they’re often where people go to be alone together. Which brings me to my point. If you want to develop ideas and opportunities, or gain momentum on the ones you have… if you want to find resources or inspiration, or keep your finger on the pulse of progress… If you have wings to fly, then join a community of those who share the same feather.

We too often mistake the concept of independence to mean we should succeed on our own, independent of resources or those who can contribute to our goals and ideas. So yes, WE can, indeed. Perhaps those are the only words needed in a declaration of interdependence. Strong communities are essential to our prosperity, so take a break from Facebook and go face some actual faces. Go have your coffee among others who give a damn about what it is you’re working on on that there computer. In other words, go join a coworking space! If you’ve never been to one, our members of the San Diego Coworking Alliance are inviting you to try it out for free during coworking week. We hope to see you there!

Peter McConnell, Owner/Founder of 3RDSPACE, Club For The Creative.