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Nathan Fletcher on COVID-19 Response, SDCounty Board of Supervisors

Nathan Fletcher on COVID-19 Response, SDCounty Board of Supervisors on Seamless Podcast: Smart Cities Darin and Mike from Seamless Podcast are pleased to welcome previous guest Nathan Fletcher back to the show. Nathan joins us remotely to discuss the current status of COVID-19 response efforts in the San Diego County area, as well as what […]

San Diego Coworking Week #SDCOWORKINGWEEK2019

Mark your calendars because San Diego Coworking Week is August 5-9th, 2019! To celebrate the occasion, some amazing San Diego coworking spaces open up their locations for you to experience throughout the week.  This year’s Coworking Week includes a fun launch party at Ugather Cowork, various guest speakers, the Biz Acceleration Expo at Hera Hub […]

How Independent Coworking Spaces Can Compete With WeWork

In 2011, Felena Hanson founded the coworking space Hera Hub in San Diego. Not only was the company pioneering in the sense that it offered coworking space — that was a brand-spanking-new concept in those days — it also provided coworking space specifically for female entrepreneurs. Hera Hub’s female-focused space put it in direct contrast to […]

San Diego Coworking Week – #SDCoworkingWeek2018

Hope you’ll join us for #SDCoworkingWeek18. Visit these coworking space for free during coworking week… Monday, August 6th Scale Matrix/ Ansir at Launch Center – Kearny Mesa (Open Coworking | Launch Party 5 pm – 7 pm) 5795 Kearny Villa Rd., San Diego, CA 92123 Tuesday, August 7th Nest Coworking – Downtown (Open Coworking | Speed […]

How to Build and Nurture Relationships with Others in Your Coworking Space

There’s something to be said for the freelance life — it’s flexible, and it’s rewarding. But it can also be a little isolating, even for people at co-working spaces. In a traditional office, everyone plays for the same team. There is an existing camaraderie that defines professional relationships. In a shared working environment, there’s still […]

The Evolution of the Coworking World

Today’s coworking office didn’t simply spring from the penny loafers of a techie, hipster entrepreneur. In fact, you have to look back to the 1950s to see some of the seeds that grew into the modern coworking office. History In many ways, lawyers and doctors were some of the first professionals to collaborate on space […]

The Work Lodge Names Hera Hub Top Coworking Space in California

We are so excited to announce this honor! The Work Lodge, a work space and business community based in Houston, named Hera Hub as one of the top coworking spaces in California! According to SmallBusiness.com, coworking is on trend to grow to 26,000 locations with 3.8 million members by the year 2020. This aligns nicely […]

Daring to Go “Co”

Because coworking without community is just plain working. by Shelly Bowen Some people think of co-working as a place to focus on work, and that’s true, but it’s only part of the story. More often than not, it’s a place to meet people, share ideas, find resources and support, and get inspired. And, lucky us, […]

Building Your Startup Inside a CoWorking Space

In an effort to encourage entrepreneurial growth in San Diego, CyberTECH created its Entrepreneur in Residence program (EIR) in early 2016. Because of the success of the initial cohort of businesses, CyberTECH opted to welcome a second cohort of business during the latter half of the year. Each business represents a new and emerging approach […]

Healthy Collaboration, Courage, Creativity and Reciprocity

Guest post by Hera Hub member, Jennie Starr – the Founder and CEO of Startup18 a San Diego based social venture lab and accelerator. You can read more about her work at www.startup18.org. You can connect with her on Twitter at @Startup18SD and @tarbuton. I work with social venture entrepreneurs and I bring up the […]