San Diego Coworking Alliance members are giving students an opportunity to connect directly with the start-up community.  This is a unique opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs to get real, hands-on experience at the ground level.

Apply to be an “aspiring entrepreneur in residence” via the form below.

If approved you will be granted a six month scholarship to utilize the coworking space of your choice.  During this time you you may use the space to study, learn, and grow.  We encourage you to get involved in the community via events/programming and to network with all the amazing entrepreneurs and start-ups in your new space.

The hope is, through this opportunity, you will be able to gain valuable experience, internships, and… ultimately… employment opportunities.

Learn more about the goals of this program in the video below…

For questions, please fill out this short contact form.

Aspiring Entrepreneur Program Application

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